Website Security Survey 2011

Website SecurityI spend a lot of time working on security for small to medium size websites. As I continue to develop the Better WP Security plugin for WordPress I would like to get more information on both the knowledge level of my readers, in relation to website security, and what is being done my the average website owner to protect their sites.

Please note this is a very non-scientific survey and will be used solely to help me to continue to develop my plugin as well as to help me decide if the techniques in Better WP Security should be ported to other software.

This survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you. This survey is now closed.

OSX Lion – 4 Weeks Later

Mac OSX LionIt’s been almost a month since Apple released OSX Lion, the 8th major release of the OSX brand. I was one of the folks who bought it the first day and have been using it ever since. So was it worth it? Let’s wiegh the details.


Price - $29.99 isn’t bad at all for a new operating system. And compared to MS Office or anything from Adobe it’s practically pocket change. At this price I didn’t even think twice about upgrading.

Ease of Installation - There isn’t much to do or worry about. The upgrade was seamless on one machine and I did a fresh install after burning Lion to a DVD on another machine (I later did a fresh install on the first machine for my own reasons). Both the upgrade and fresh install went flawlessly in about an hour each (not including download time).

Stability - To date, knock on wood, I haven’t had a single problem with Lion. It has been both stable and fast and hasn’t had a compatibility problem with any of the apps I use.

Features - Frankly, features haven’t been all that important to me in Lion. For about 5 minutes the natural scrolling seemed rather annoying but after getting used to it I find it far better than the old scroll direction. Other than that, mision control, full-screen mode and a few other features are neat but not really all that spectacular. Instead of good new features it’s the removal of a feature, FrontRow, that has me most excited. Now, when I accidentally press cmd-esc, I don’t have to wait for Frontpage to load causing me to have to close it again. This is a big win for me.


The only real con for me was the online-only distribution. While it worked, it only did so by virtue of that fact that I was able to download it on a very fast connection.

So was it worth it?

Yes, in the end Lion has been a worthwhile upgrade. While it’s features aren’t revolutionary to me they do make a difference and the price means that keeping up with the latest technology didn’t mean I had to skip a meal to pay for it. I do wish I could have just bought it on a disk at the local BestBuy, but the ability to burn it to a disk of my own combined with a connection that allowed me to download the whole thing in about 20 minutes made up for the lack of purchasing options.

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Welcome to Bit51.comWelcome to the new is the site for those who rely on their websites for work, professional development, social interaction, or anything else. With articles on content writing and management, social media, search engine optimization, and more aims to be your first choice when looking for help or advice with your web project.

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