A Forced Vacation From Blogging

Hello all,

This week I’m attending the 2011 HigherEd Web conference in Austin, TX. This is a great conference focused on issues related to web and, in particular, the use of the web as a medium in higher education. As such my time this week will be spent absorbing and networking in order to take back as much as possible both for my full-time job in higher education as well as for my site here. That sais, and as internet here is spotty due to apparently not enough bandwidth for the group in attendance, I am afraid I won’t be updating again until next Monday (October 31st).

Thank you and I’ll see you all next week!


Wifi Woes

Well, it looks like updates might be pretty sparse the next few days as the internet on the road here is rather spotty. I’ll try to get my normal posts going again by Monday but as I won’t be home until next Friday without a better internet connection I might be out of luck.

It’s Time To Upgrade My Servers For Which I Thank You All

I’m taking a break from my normal writing to say thank you. Thanks to all you I am spending the time I would normally devote to writing to instead upgrade the servers this site is hosted on.

This really is a good thing. You see, I host this site on an Amazon AWS micro instance of Ubuntu server. It works great but as many of you have seen it can easily get bogged down with too many users trying to get in at the same time. In addition, the Ubuntu server image I’m using, Ubuntu server 10.04, has a flaw that prevents me from applying kernel updates without rebuilding the whole thing (I do a lot of customizations to my server so that really isn’t realistic).

So here’s what I’m doing. First I’m going to update the image to the new Ubuntu server 11.10 which came out yesterday and which, from my understanding, can update it’s kernel when necessary without rebuilding the image. Once I finish that I’m going to reserve a couple of extra instance and apply a load balancer to keep things going when traffic gets heavy.

For all of this server work I am truly grateful. I’ve hit a traffic level that makes this type of change necessary and I could not do that without you reading this right now. It means, I hope, that you guys are coming back and that more folks are finding value in my posts. I’ve really enjoyed working on this site and I hope it shows in my writing (which I also hope has gotten better as time has passed). The email and other messages I’ve received from you all have really been wonderful and I look forward to not only keeping those up but working with more of you as I try to help build something of a community on this site via post comments and other features as you require.

So thanks again for 2 and a half great months so far. I look forward to working with you all for the next 2 and a half years and beyond.

Wiggsfly.com Now Running on Incapsula

Incapsula LogoAbout a week ago I wrote an article talking about my experience with incorporating this site into CloudFlare.com. Well, CloudFlare’s competition, Incapsula, took notice and offered me a free Enterprise Account to test and compare (at least a $49/month value as the Business plan is $49 and the Enterprise plan requires a quote). After using the service for a week on my other blog, Wiggsfly.com, I’ve been able to see a marked improvement in load times, and except for a problem I caused myself, everything has worked perfectly. [Continue Reading...]