Bit51 is now part of iThemes

I’m happy to announce that Bit51 and all its plugins and other software has found an excellent partner in WordPress plugin company iThemes. This will allow for much more advanced development on Better WP Security and other plugins as well as a great compliment of services with BackupBuddy, Exchange and all the other wonderful iThemes products.

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Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be migrating content off of this site and onto my own site and you’ll start seeing some incredible improvements in Better WP Security and other plugins.

This is going to be awesome!

Better WP Security Crosses 1,000,000 Downloads

Better WP SecurityI’m honored to report that this morning the Better WP Security WordPress plugin crossed 1,000,000 downloads.

Yes, I’ve known it would hit this milestone for a little while now but I still can’t really believe it. It wasn’t that long ago when I thought it would be great if it had one other download and not even three years later it has grown to one of the biggest plugins in the plugin repository.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and contributed to this plugin. To the translators, bug testers, bloggers and everyone else who helped bring this plugin to the front of the WordPress security space. [Continue Reading...]

Better WP Security 4 Ready For Testing and More Updates

Bit51As you might have noticed my writing here on Bit51 has been a little slow these last few weeks. This isn’t due to lack of interest, lack of ideas or any of the other issues that plague most bloggers. Instead it is due to a shift of focus, for the time being, from writing about my work to actually working on my projects, particularly Better WP Security 4. In fact, while posts have been a little slim the last few weeks I’ve managed to set a new personal record for GitHub commits with at least 1 commit a day for the last 18 days (my previous record was 4 days of steady commits). It’s been amazingly productive. Here’s what I have to show for it: [Continue Reading...]

3 Reasons Bit51 Switched to Disqus

DisqusAfter an awful lot of debate and a whole lot of trial and error over the last few months I finally decided to migrate comments on this site from the native WordPress commenting system to Disqus. Frankly, it really wasn’t an easy decision. As Bit51 has grown I needed to make sure that any change this big wasn’t just done for a any old reason but instead was done with users in mind.

While I agonized over all sorts of details throughout the decision process, when I really broke it down there were just 3 simple reasons why I think Disqus is a better platform for both myself and the folks who participate here on Bit51: [Continue Reading...]