Google Chrome Extensions

Better Google Tasks

The better Google Tasks extension provides a better interface to display google tasks in Chrome. It uses the "canvas" view in a popup to allow more detailed control over tasks as well as single-click access to any task list. In addition, it displays a count of unfinished tasks from ALL task lists (not just the default task list) in the taskbar.

Easy Access for Evernote

Easy access for Evernote makes it easy to get to your Evernote account by putting an icon in your Extensions bar that will take you directly to your Evernote account either as a popup or in a new tab.

WordPress Plugins

Better Feedburner Widget

5/5 with 2 votes and 10,029 downloads.
A customizable widget allowing you to place a Feedburner email subscribe form in any widgetized area of your site.

Better WP Security

4.7/5 with 3804 votes and 9,361,527 downloads.
Helps protect your Wordpress installation from attackers. Hardens standard Wordpress security by hiding vital areas of your site, protecting access to important files via htaccess, preventing brute-force login attempts, detecting attack attempts, and more.

Better WP Varnish

5/5 with 3 votes and 3,476 downloads.
Better WP Varnish is based off of an old plugin called Varnish as a Service and is updated and improved to work with newer software and to make configuration easier.

Multi-Site Site List Shortcode

4.7/5 with 24 votes and 11,970 downloads.
Adds a shortcode allowing multisite users to display a list of all the sites in the current installation. Sites can be sorted alphabetically or by site creation date and individual sites can be specified to be removed from the list.

Primary Feedburner

3/5 with 2 votes and 21,411 downloads.
Redirect visitors to your website feed to feedburner. This will allow you to customize and track your feeds in ways that simply aren't possible with just WordPress.

Replace Anchor Target

0/5 with 0 votes and 1,395 downloads.
Selecting "Open link in a new window" in the builtin WordPress WYSIWYG editor breack XHTML strict compliance by adding the attribute target="_blank" to anchor tags. This plugin fixes the problem by replacing the target attribute with a common class attribute and then using a simple jquery script to open the link in a new window. This method allows for correct validation using XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Share Center Pro

4.9/5 with 7 votes and 24,813 downloads.
Add sharing buttons for Buffer, Facebook, Google +1, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter