Goodbye Google Reader… Hello Fever

Fever is the Google Reader replacementAs most of you already know Google Reader, Google’s RSS aggregation service that made it easy to follow blogs and other sites you’re really interested in, is shutting down on Monday. When that happens you’ll need to find another way to collect new posts for easy reading. Fortunately for those of you who create websites there is an excellent replacement that not only lets you collect posts like Google reader but also makes that data yours. In other words, you won’t have to scramble for a replacement when the next service goes down.

Fever is where it’s at [Continue Reading...]

Ninjas To Invade WordCamp Chicago

WordCamp Chicago 2013

Well it is only one ninja, and a rookie, but still a ninja.

I will be attending my first WordCamp in Chicago on behalf of Bit51. I am very grateful to become a part of the Bit51 elite and look forward to an exciting journey.

I had the pleasure of getting my feet wet in the blogging world at the World Press 10th anniversary party in Austin. WP Engine put on a wonderful party, and what a great way to be introduced into the community. I met some amazing people while in Austin. I am already looking at when I can come back. If you get a chance to visit Austin, do.

If you did not get your ticket to go, it is now sold out. I will be live blogging all weekend on behalf of Bit51 all the great information that is passed to me. So stay tuned if you were not able to attend. After looking looking at the schedule and presenters list, I am very excited! I have heard nothing but awesomeness about Matt Mullenweg and Erik Wolf. I hope to get a chance to meet them. I have also heard great things about the after party! All I have to say about that is “build your own burger buffet’!

I am very intrigued to see what “No One Care About Your Content (Yet)” and “Tales of a Plugin Developer” are about. Those will be two I will definitely be attending! There is going to be so much great information that is going to be offered that I am having a hard time picking which sessions I must go to. I am also looking forward to the networking aspect. With meeting some truly great people in Texas, I am ready to meet all the awesome people that are closer to my home.

See you all in Chicago!

The Anatomy of Bit51 v2.0 – Tools and Services for Your Website (part 2)

The Anatomy of Bit51Last week I talked about some of the must-have plugins I use on Bit51 as well as the theme the site is built on. In doing so I listed the plugins I use on every WordPress project I develop but didn’t get to all the ones that are unique to Bit51 nor did I get to the services that interact with Bit51 and help me deliver my content to folks in the most efficient way possible.

As we all know, every project is different and each requires a special set of parts to come together. That said, here are the rest of the parts including plugins and other services I’ve used to bring Bit51 together. [Continue Reading...]

Contributing to Better WP Security

Better WP Security

The idea of Better WP Security from the very beginning was a community project. To date I frankly haven’t been the greatest at getting the word out. It’s time for that to change.

Do you want to be a part of one of the largest plugins in the repository? Better WP Security could use your help to continue to grow and be the leader in WordPress security. Whether your skills are in code, content, or something else I would love to add you as a contributor to a plugin with almost 750,000 downloads and growing. Here’s how you can get involved: [Continue Reading...]