OSX Lion – 4 Weeks Later

Mac OSX LionIt’s been almost a month since Apple released OSX Lion, the 8th major release of the OSX brand. I was one of the folks who bought it the first day and have been using it ever since. So was it worth it? Let’s wiegh the details.


Price - $29.99 isn’t bad at all for a new operating system. And compared to MS Office or anything from Adobe it’s practically pocket change. At this price I didn’t even think twice about upgrading.

Ease of Installation - There isn’t much to do or worry about. The upgrade was seamless on one machine and I did a fresh install after burning Lion to a DVD on another machine (I later did a fresh install on the first machine for my own reasons). Both the upgrade and fresh install went flawlessly in about an hour each (not including download time).

Stability - To date, knock on wood, I haven’t had a single problem with Lion. It has been both stable and fast and hasn’t had a compatibility problem with any of the apps I use.

Features - Frankly, features haven’t been all that important to me in Lion. For about 5 minutes the natural scrolling seemed rather annoying but after getting used to it I find it far better than the old scroll direction. Other than that, mision control, full-screen mode and a few other features are neat but not really all that spectacular. Instead of good new features it’s the removal of a feature, FrontRow, that has me most excited. Now, when I accidentally press cmd-esc, I don’t have to wait for Frontpage to load causing me to have to close it again. This is a big win for me.


The only real con for me was the online-only distribution. While it worked, it only did so by virtue of that fact that I was able to download it on a very fast connection.

So was it worth it?

Yes, in the end Lion has been a worthwhile upgrade. While it’s features aren’t revolutionary to me they do make a difference and the price means that keeping up with the latest technology didn’t mean I had to skip a meal to pay for it. I do wish I could have just bought it on a disk at the local BestBuy, but the ability to burn it to a disk of my own combined with a connection that allowed me to download the whole thing in about 20 minutes made up for the lack of purchasing options.

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