How To Translate Our Plugins

Translate Bit51 PluginsHave you ever thought about translating a Bit51 WordPress plugin to your own language? We’ve made it really easy to submit a translation to any of our plugins using a simple form. All you have to do is fill out it out with your working language files and not only will we include your work in the next version of the plugin but we will also give you full credit with a link back to your site everywhere the plugin is featured. We’ll even let you know by email every time the plugin language changes so you’ll be able to easily keep up with it as it grows and evolves.

This is a great way to give back to plugins you use all the time while getting a link to your own site on and other high traffic sites. Of course you’ll also be helping every single user of WordPress who shares your native tongue and making WordPress better for folks who don’t speak English as a first language.

Don’t know how to translate a plugin?

It’s easy. All the files you will need are already there in the plugin you want to translate (just take a look at the languages folder). For tips, instructions and guidance on actually creating the translation check out the help page on

Submit your plugin translation today!

About Chris Wiegman

Chris is the owner of Bit51 where he blogs about web development and works on WordPress plugins such as Better WP Security. In addition Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox in Austin, TX where he develops a host of solutions for clients large and small.

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  • kniebremser

    I have the German language file translated further. There are now already translated 92 percent.
    Greetings from Cologne

  • Chris Wiegman

    Greetings from Texas! Looking forward to the translation. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    By the way, glad to hear I have users in Cologne. I’m a bit of a history nut myself so I find the history of Cologne (founded in 50ad, capital of Germania Inferior) absolutely fascinating.