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Better WP Security

The idea of Better WP Security from the very beginning was a community project. To date I frankly haven’t been the greatest at getting the word out. It’s time for that to change.

Do you want to be a part of one of the largest plugins in the repository? Better WP Security could use your help to continue to grow and be the leader in WordPress security. Whether your skills are in code, content, or something else I would love to add you as a contributor to a plugin with almost 750,000 downloads and growing. Here’s how you can get involved:

Add Code

As with many large projects the code base of Better WP Security has become a full-time job in and of itself. If you would like to help squash bugs in the current 3.0 branch or add to the 4.0 branch I could use the help. Better WP Security is now developed on GitHub so please fork away and don’t be shy about the pull requests. I will give full credit for all pull requests accepted on this site and on the plugin page.

As of this article I’ve started completely rewriting a modular codebase for Better WP Security that, while making progress, has a lot of work to be done (check out issues for it here). If you would like to get more involved with this I would love to hear from you. Please let me know and I can even see about adding you as an official contributor if you’re up for the task.

Add Translations

If you would like to translate Better WP Security into your language I will gladly add it to the plugin and give you full credit. For more information on translating the plugin see the post How To Translate Our Plugins.

Report Bugs

Find a bug? As much as I test this plugin the fact is I only have so many sites and can’t test it across every platform. If you find a bug please open a ticket on GitHub so that I can get started on it.

Test New Versions

Feeling adventurous? Head on over to GitHub and grab the latest development version. Just make sure you open a ticket to report any bugs you find.

Create Documentation

If you would like to document Better WP Security I could use your help. I would like to start a full wiki on how to configure, tips, optimization and more but frankly I haven’t had time. Let me know if you’ve done any work to this and I will gladly link to it or possibly even post so that all Better WP Security users can easily find it.

Help Others

If you’ve spent some time with Better WP Security you know that’s its complexity, while very useful, can also be very confusing for new users. Please take a moment to head of to the community support forums on and see if you can’t help someone else out.

Something Else

Do you have another skill that could help? Please let me know and I’ll put you to work.

With your help Better WP Security can continue to grow and evolve as the best security solution for WordPress!

About Chris Wiegman

Chris is the owner of Bit51 where he blogs about web development and works on WordPress plugins such as Better WP Security. In addition Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox in Austin, TX where he develops a host of solutions for clients large and small.

Find Chris on Facebook, , LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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