The Pursuit of Perfection


Sometimes perfection isn’t what you should be striving for. Sometimes, good enough really is good enough.

Over the last 2 months I’ve spent an incredible amount of time rewriting and trying to perfect Better WP Security. On nights after work and weekends at home I’ve put in anywhere from 40 – 80 hours per week on it adding features and fixing bugs that, in some cases aren’t even bugs at all but instead are a symptom of a perfectionist who can’t leave good enough alone. [Continue Reading...]

It’s Done (For Now)

Thanks!Well, on top of the numerous updates to Better WP Security (believe it or not I’m really not trying to set a record) I’ve just updated the servers for this site. I’ve migrated from Apache to NGINX and increased the instance size on AWS to medium to accomodate this site as well as my other personal sites (yes, I did the math on this and it is still a better deal for me than any VPS I could find or in splitting into numerous micro instances).

Anyway, to keep this short I just wanted to say thank you one last time to all of you who are using Better WP Security or any of my other plugins and have helped push this site up past another milestone.

I love this ride!

Better WP Security 3.0.4

Better WP SecurityI’ve released yet another update to the Better WP Security WordPress plugin. Version 3.0.4 includes a couple of minor bugfixes as well as a reworking of the “ban users” section. Now all IP address ranges require a wildcard and can’t be specified with “-”. This allows the plugin to add all the IP ranges to server configurations resulting in much better performance as well as true banning of selected address.

For all of you who have upgraded numerous times today or experienced bugs with the software I thank you for your patience. Although I’ve done a lot of testing over the last couple weeks (I’ve set up NGINX and Apache versions of a single install, a multisite install, and a subdirectory install on Fedora, Ubuntu, and MAMP with PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3) I’m afraid I just can’t replicate all environments. That said please be patient if you are experiencing a bug and I will work to fix it as soon as possible.

As always, if you do experience any problems please note that I do not monitor the forums nor do I respond to any support requests sent from anything except the support forums at This isn’t because I don’t value your site, but instead allows me to better serve you by building a knowledge base of possible issues, questions, and other information pertaining to the plugin.

Again, if you are a user of Better WP Security, thank you. Your support has made this project a lot of fun and rest assured I will keep working to perfect this already great plugin.

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Better WP Security Status Update

WordPress LogoIt’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the Better WP Security WordPress plugin update even though I know about a bug in the hide back-end feature. While it may seem like I’m slacking the reality is I’ve decided to completely rewrite the code base to fix both that issue and others. It seems the root of the current issue was in an area a little too fundamental to the plugin itself and, as my time is limited, I’ve decided to fix it the right way and fix it once rather than just apply a band-aid (I was going to rewrite it anyway this just speeds it up). [Continue Reading...]