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Chris is the owner of Bit51 where he blogs about web development and works on WordPress plugins such as Better WP Security. In addition Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox in Austin, TX where he develops a host of solutions for clients large and small.

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  • Planny

    Love BWPS plugin, and need your help, please oh please! I don’t know if this update addresses the issues I (and others) are having with BWPS … namely (1) that any BWPS updates I make to .htaccess (say to the banned user list) are causing 404 errors across my whole site, and then when I deactivated/activated BWPS to troubleshoot the issue (2) all the BWPS settings were erased (however, they are still activated, eg the backend is still hidden).

    Did this update address these issues? can I update the banned user list again without corrupting .htaccess? should I reset all the settings in the via the BWPS dashboard or leave it alone since they are still activated in the backend?

    Thanks so much for the plugin, and any help you can offer!


  • reporter-bwps

    Did not fix the manual backup issue in my WP 3.5.1 installation – what information do you need to track down the issue? When I enable display of PHP errors, all I get is an error 500 without further information.

    • http://bit51.com/ Chris Wiegman

      You’re the only one I’ve heard of still having that issue which had been fixed a couple of versions ago. Email me via my contact form and we’ll see if it is a bug I can do something about.

  • http://blazingminds.co.uk/ Karen Woodham

    Nice plugin, my only issue is, that when I uninstall it, it kills my “Add media” option, as in images won’t load, secondly, if I delete a plugin, update a page or post etc then I get the “WordPress white screen of death”!!!!

    • http://bit51.com/ Chris Wiegman

      Sounds like something else is up there. I’m willing to help you but this may require a support license. Contact me via my contact form and we’ll determine if it is a bug or a support issue.

      • http://blazingminds.co.uk/ Karen Woodham

        Thanks Chris, will get in touch now ;)