Bit51.comBit51 is Chris Wiegman. Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox in Austin, TX and an adjunct faculty member in Computer Science at St. Edward’s University. Chris previously served as a web developer for St. Edward’s University as well as for the Aviation Programs at Southern Illinois University.

Why Bit51?

Bit51 is a play on a few things. First, who could argue about the relationship of a techie blog and the word “Bit?” In fact Chris originally wanted to call it 8Bit but that was taken. So it was back to the drawing board. In a stroke of genius Chris combined Bit with a lifelong fascination with Area 51 (and the fact that he was living right off of U.S. Route 51 at the time) to form Bit51.

What does Bit51 do?

Bit51 attempts both to educate and to help foster the web development community with blog posts, tutorials, and various software projects.

Some more about Chris

Chris has worked on the web since the mid 1990s and now has a portfolio including numerous websites, WordPress plugins, Google Chrome extensions, Drupal Modules, and a host of other projects.

Bit51 is Chris’ development blog and freelance development site serving as a showcase for various projects as well as an avenue for Chris to share his experience and engage with the broader web community.

When not behind the keyboard Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and with their dog and cat. If time allows he is also a commercial pilot (he used to be a captain for a small airline) and does his best to keep current out at the local Austin airports.